Advertorial/Native Ad Healthcare Brand- Front-Line Hero Finds Solution to Mask Acne (MASKNE)

Covid ICU Nurse, Front Line Hero, Finds Solution to Maskne  

Veteran ICU nurse, Leslie Green, has been on the front line of the battle against Covid-19 for over a year. Wearing a mask, face shield, and goggles every single day for her 12-16 hour shifts, made her already aging skin look tattered and worn. The masks worn to protect herself and her patients from the quickly spreading virus had negative effects on her skin.  The PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Leslie wore every day for many hours left marked and caused bruising.  

Additionally, she eventually developed a condition, coined since the pandemic began, known as Maskne. Maskne, or mask acne, is caused by excessive wearing of PPE face protection and is becoming increasingly problematic for people of all age groups, especially those on the front line. This is caused by breathing and talking under the mask which produces a wet heat, causing excess oil and sebum production. This leads to mask acne and is a huge complaint among those in the healthcare field.

The 32- year-old nurse has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic under tremendous stress and getting little rest. Not seeing her family for months at a time, sleeping on a cot in the garage to keep her family safe, Leslie began to develop very dark circles under her eyes, deep wrinkles on her forehead, and fine lines around her mouth, in addition to the mask acne. 

"I didn’t even have time to notice how I looked after just a year of working in the Covid unit.”

With very little time for home self-care, facials, or professional skin treatments, Leslie wasn’t doing much to help the situation. As time went on, the problem was getting worse. 

“I barely had the time to look in the mirror, let alone spend time going to a salon or aesthetician,” Leslie recalled. “I felt like I aged 20 years since the beginning of Covid.”

Leslie’s sister, Julia, recognized that her sister’s lifelong passion to care for others was leaving her no time to care for herself. She knew she wouldn’t spend the time going to a day spa, so she researched other ideas to help her sister look and feel better.  Julia heard about SilverStream, a new medical-grade skin solution that helps on social media. 

Leslie was very appreciative of her sister’s thoughtful gift, but she had her doubts.

“I never thought anything would help my skin after a yea Zr’s worth of abuse and neglect,” Leslie admitted, “but since my sister gave it to me, I decided to give it a try.”

Leslie applied the SilverStream® Gel immediately to the affected areas. SilverStream® Gel works to clean, moisturize and soothe chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. The specialized synergistic combination of silver ions and menthol reduces the concentration level of the silver ions, reducing the possibility of toxic exposure. 

What is SilverStream Gel® 

SilverStream Gel® is a patented wound management hydrogel, combining a low concentration of silver ions, menthol, and glycerol plus a surfactant, dissolved in a hypertonic solution and thickened by Carbopol. SilverStream Gel®  synergistic formulation ensures effective antibacterial preservative activity. The high concentration of the hygroscopic glycerol, combined with the Carbopol, provides hydrogel properties. The gel formulation makes it effective to use on draining wounds and wounds that cannot be properly dressed.   

SilverStream Gel® is packed in easy-to-use squeezable 100 mL bottles, making it suitable for home use. SilverStream Gel works to clean, moisturize and soothe chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. The specialized synergistic combination of silver ions and menthol reduces the concentration level of the silver ions, reducing the possibility of toxic exposure. 

Other Benefits of SilverStream Gel 

  • Helps Close Wounds Faster by creating an effective barrier between the wound and the external environment

  • Stimulates Tissue growth

  • Keeps Inflammatory Reaction at Optimal Levels

  • Non-toxic, Non-Cytotoxic & Non-Staining

  • Absorbs & Reduces Exudates

  • Keeps Wound Moist, While Simultaneously Preventing Maceration

  • Reduces Pain 

  • Eliminates Unpleasant Odor

SilverStream Gel® is pending US FDA approval for the management and moisturizing of wounds such as ulcers, post-surgical wounds, burns, cuts, abrasions, and minor skin irritations. SilverStream® Gel is also highly effective when used in combination with the SilverStream® solution. 

Why Choose SilverStream® ?

After just two weeks, all of her doubts disappeared, and she began to see dramatic results. 

“Almost immediately, I noticed an improvement in my skin’s overall appearance,” Leslie said with delight.

Though she continued wearing face protection every day, her mask acne was gone! One of Leslie’s co-workers, who also suffered from the effects of long hours and mask-wearing and long tedious shifts, noticed that Leslie’s skin was looking clear and radiant. She asked her what magic potion she had been using. Leslie giggled and quickly shared the news about the amazing device.  Two of Leslie’s fellow nurses immediately placed an online order for their own SilverStream® Gel.

After 2 months of using SilverStream®, the nursing duo was noticing drastic improvement to their once worn and damaged skin. 

“SilverStream let us peel off the mask with pride! Our skin has never looked better!”

Their maskne was gone!  Their fellow front-line workers also noticed. Pretty soon, news of the SilverStream® Gel’s amazing results was spreading throughout the hospital. Finally, there was some positive news infecting these hero healthcare workers.