Superstar Cowboy Cutie Sacked by Squad for Packing on Pounds While Caring for Terminally Ill Mother

Texas Health Herald– March 2021

Dallas, TX - Breaking News --- Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Mandy Drake, lost her spot on the 2016 squad when she packed on 240 pounds during the off season. Drake, 28, who lost 250 pounds using a new keto supplement, shared her shocking story with The Texas Health Herald in this sensational expose.

Like every little girl who grows up in the Lone Star State, Mandy Drake dreamt of being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader since she was five. Her mom cheered her on as she entered her daughter into countless beauty pageants, cheerleading competitions and dance tournaments. Mandy was adorable, blonde and, to her parent’s delight, tall and thin, the ideal body image for an aspiring pro cheerleader.

Mandy landed a spot on her high school cheer squad and became head cheerleader by her junior year. Excelling in athletics and academics, Mandy won a full cheerleading scholarship to Texas A&M University.

Throughout her college years, Mandy excelled academically, socially and most importantly, athletically. After being elected to be head of the college football cheer squad in her sophomore year, she enjoyed all the perks that came with this most coveted position. Mandy was soaring in all aspects of her life. It seemed like nothing could stand in her way.

Her ultimate dream came true when a scout from the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader organization came to one of her competitions in her senior year. She was hired on the spot and began training with the squad that summer. As a member of this original band of beauties, Mandy’s dreams were all coming true.

I met Mandy while researching for an article, the “Lone Star Lovely’s,” one of my first front page stories for The Texas Health Herald. Mandy revealed what went on behind the scenes at the Cowgirls “ranch.” She detailed her rigorous workout schedule and extremely rigid diet.

“The organization has certain weight and size requirements,” Mandy explained, “We’re each given a uniform in our size we are when we’re hired,” she continued, “and if you don’t fit into the uniform, you’re sidelined until you do!”

Because of these strict requirements, Mandy and the girls had personal trainers and nutritionists on staff. Their weight and measurements were closely monitored. Mandy watched her weight closely and always made sure her uniform fit like a glove. Afterall, these girls train their entire lives to be Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, so there’s no limit to what they’ll do to hold onto this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

My article, which had the angle of exposing body dysmorphia among this select slew of women, examined the struggles many of the girls faced during their, so-called, “time of their lives.”  Sadly, I witnessed several women battle eating disorders and others fighting depression after being sacked by the squad managers for simply gaining a little weight. 

I followed the progress of each girl for an entire year and developed close relationships with a few. Mandy was one of those girls. Her bright smile and positive attitude could light up a room. I found her spirit to be contagious and I found myself cheering her on from the stands every Sunday.

Then, two years into her Cowboy career, I received an email from Mandy.

My dream job has turned into a nightmare! Mandy cried.

During the 2018 off-season, Mandy’s mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Her father, succumbing to the pressure, left the family and Mandy was left to care for her ailing mother all alone.

Caring for her mom entailed round-the-clock monitoring an dispensing of her medications, preparing meals, caring for all her mom’s hygienic needs, and eventually, changing her mom’s adult diapers.

Mandy had no time to exercise. Her meal plan, once packed with protein and greens, was reduced to fast food and cold pizza. She found herself using food as a coping mechanism as she attended to her mother’s ever-increasing needs. Finally, one day, fearing the worst, she stepped on the scale. She was too afraid to even think about trying on her treasured uniform. When she saw the number on the scale below her, she almost fainted. In the months that Mandy had traded for her beauty for bedpans, she managed to pack on 240 pounds. Needless to say, there’s no way she’d fit into her uniform.

Mandy began to take drastic measures. Having no time to jump on the social media band wagon where everyone was meal prepping and planning. She tried cutting out pizza, bread and sugary snacks, but she ended up falling back into those habits because she had no time to spare. Taking care of her mom was her main concern.

She read an article about the keto diet and intermittent fasting. She knew she could do the fasting thing easily because she barely had time to brush her teeth in the morning, let alone prepare herself a healthy breakfast. She would stuff a donut (or 2 or 3) in her mouth when she got hungry. Mandy decided she would consciously do the 16 hour fast every day. She began to drop some weight, but as the first fall practices were only 3 months away, she knew she had to do something faster. Mandy heard about the keto diet and knew a few other girls who lost a lot of weight on that plan.

“I heard about the keto diet and I tried that too,” Mandy explained, “but I couldn’t handle all the meal prepping and cooking. It was just too much work.”

Mandy managed to cut carbs down to a bare minimum and she started to see some success on the scale, but, again, it just wasn’t fast enough.


When practice rolled around, Mandy couldn’t even squeeze into her uniform she once wore with so much pride. She told her coach what was going on with her mom and her weight and, as expected, Mandy was fired from the job she adored. Her coach told her that if she lost the weight by the start of the season, she’d give her spot back.

This is about the time that I began following Mandy closely. I hated to see such a bright, beautiful light become dim because of the weight she gained due to no fault of her own. As her mom became progressively worse, Mandy’s hopes to rejoin her dream job were also dying.

Mandy’s mom passed away exactly three months before the first game of the season. At the funeral, one of her old classmates told her about a newly discovered fat-burning supplement that works like the keto diet without the hassle.

Her friend went on to explain how taking this simple supplement, just twice a day, would speed-up keto’s fat burning process by providing additional ketones that accelerate ketosis.


Mandy decided to give One Shot Keto a try. After just two weeks, she started to notice results.

“I lost 80 pounds after just two weeks, Mandy told me with her old spark back in her eyes, “I was finally starting to believe I could reach my goal weight in time for kick-off.”

By the 4th week, the pounds really began to drop! Mandy began to feel so confident that she decided to hang her uniform on her bedroom mirror as incentive. Over the next month, she continued to take the One Shot Keto supplements every day. 

Just three months after beginning her weight loss journey, with the help of One Shot Keto, Mandy reached her goal weight.

I got a call from Mandy that day, “My uniform fits again!” she screamed with delight.

With the help of One Shot Keto, Mandy lost 250ounds in three months and she gained her spot back on the squad!

“I lost 250 pounds in only three months,” she said with excitement. “I literally lost more than half of me!”